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UPVC Door Locks

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UPVC Door & Window Lock Repairs

Are you finding it difficult to insert the key inside the front door lock or turn it? Don’t stay locked out of your home or office! Use our professional locksmith services to solve the problem today. When the key simply doesn’t work, the issue is most likely related to a euro cylinder failure. Count on us to replace it with a strong one that's resistant to snapping and all other commonly used break-in techniques. What if the key turns, but the door remains closed? You may have a loose strike receiver. Our job is to unlock the door and adjust the strike receiver securely. Alternatively, the locking mechanism may have failed. We’ll replace it to restore your door’s functionality and security. Rely on us to fix UPVC window locks with the same kind of precision.

Professional Lock Installation

UPVC Door & Window Lock RepairsWhether you have an old, faulty or outdated door lockset, we can replace it with a better one quickly. Our installation service includes not only the fitting of the lock. We will provide a detailed consultation to help you choose the ideal lockset. There are many UPVC door locks out there and we will guide you through the different options and give you practical expert advice. The perfect euro profile cylinder has an anti-snap design and is highly resistant to picking and drilling. The multipoint locking mechanism must have sufficiently long, thick and strong points. A reinforced strike receiver with extra-long screws will make your door even more resistant to intruder attacks. All the components of the lockset must be made from brass or steel.

Accurate Door Adjustment

Did you know that in many cases the lock is stuck because the door is not properly aligned with the frame? Our UPVC specialists can take care of this kind of problem too. Usually, there is a need for tightening the hinges to enable the door and frame to fit properly. We work with precision, no matter whether the unit has butt or flag hinges, to ensure the smooth closing and locking. Our work is concluded with testing to give you complete peace of mind.

Whether you have a problem with a lock or you want a new one for higher security,

turn to us, at Locksmith London, to receive a high-quality service.

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