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Below are the best tips and tricks on locks and keys that you can find on the Internet. They were shared and compiled by the experts themselves in order to help regular owners with practical steps that they can try on their locks and keys.

  • When should you have locks replaced on UPVC doors?

    Even the best locks take damage from time to time, but that’s not the only reason you’d need to replace them. If you’ve lost too many sets of keys, just moved into a new house or are having trouble locking and unlocking you UPVC door locks, then you should definitely consider having a professional locksmith replace them. Do it now before you end up with unexpected problems.

  • Take care of security problems

    Don't leave locks and keys unmaintained. It's best to prevent problems with occasional maintenance. Repair lock issues fast and have the locks replaced or rekeyed depending on the situation. Don't forget to change the keys and replace them if they are stolen or lost.

  • Fix locks before they obtain damage

    Lock repair certainly fixes problems but it's wise to take care of lock problems before getting locked out and being prevented from securing your property. Locksmith London suggests proper cleaning and lubrication as well as periodic inspection of all locks. Maintenance increases security.

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