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Information empowers you to take the best action in a particular situation. Use the information related to locks and keys shared on this FAQ page to ensure that you will have the level of security you require. The content is practical and interesting to read too.

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Our answers to all frequently asked questions will help everyone deal with specific issues and also learn new things. We try to make things easy for you by staying to the point and giving you the full picture of what you want to learn about. You will find our answers very helpful.

  • It is possible to install my own front door lock?

    There will be many tutorials and guides online to make many people believe this job is suitable for DIY. The truth however, is that it's not a job that should be executed by an amateur. Your front door plays a major part in the security of your home, so it really is never worth the risk. Ensure your locks are installed by trained professionals for best results.

  • What is the best way to take care of my UPVC doors?

    UPVC door locks will last you a long time if you take care of them properly. So make sure that their workings are always properly lubricated with a dry solution like graphite, keep the area around and under the door clear of dirt and debris to encourage smooth action, and be sure to have a locksmith see to its condition and maintain it at least once a year.

  • How do I know the new locks are fitted well?

    The new locks must operate smoothly. You shouldn't hear any clicking sounds and the bolt should go straight into the strike plate hole securing the door perfectly. Before you draw conclusions about bad lock fitting, check whether the door is aligned, too.

  • Why do I need extra security systems?

    Everyone at Locksmith London would agree that good security locks installation is the basis of your home and office security. Though, extra systems will reinforce security. CCTV/alarm installation will discourage intruders and access control systems will help you keep control over your visitors.

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